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About Districtr

The goal of Districtr is to put the tools of redistricting in the hands of the public, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of civil rights organizations, community groups, and researchers.

Districtr came about from a conversation with Lawyers for Civil Rights, the Boston arm of the national Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. LCR was describing their work with community members in Lowell, MA, who were frustrated about not having a voice with the city council. In those conversations, a few places kept coming up.

Like Clemente Park, a much-loved meeting point for the city’s Asian and Latino populations, which felt unsafe at night because the city had not provided lighting in the park.

And Lowell High School, the city’s only public high school, which serves over 3000 students. The city announced plans to move it from its traditional downtown location, but did not invest in substantial outreach to communities of color about possible new sites.

Our idea was to create a mapping tool whose fundamental principle is to ask the community what matters.

With maps that show relevant landmarks and data, users can try their own hand at drawing meaningful demonstration plans.

Districtr is a free and open-source web app built with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as:

Development Team

Lead Developers
  • Nick Doiron
  • JN Matthews
  • Ruth Buck
  • Heather Rosenfeld
Originating Developer
Max Hully
  • Eion Blanchard
  • Chris Gernon
  • Muniba Khan
  • Liz Kopecky
  • Anthony Pizzimenti
  • Anna Schall