Chicago currently has fifty wards (i.e., districts) that each elect a single alderman to serve on the city council. As part of MGGG's Study of Reform Proposals for Chicago City Council, we set out to explore how different districts, or moving to multi-member districts, might impact representation and better promote a fair and responsive city government. You can read more background and access the report here.

We invite you to use Districtr to draw your own wards for Chicago. You can build fifty single-member wards, ten multi-member districts, or multi-member districts of any size, using either precincts or community areas as the basic building blocks.

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Concentrated poverty
≥ 25% of households under $20K annual income
Concentrated wealth
≥ 25% of households over $150K annual income
only one racial group exceeds 1/4 of population
only one racial group exceeds 1/6 of population
Highly diverse
three racial groups exceed 1/4 of population